Sam Adams~ CH Crystal Winds Kiss This! DNA-VP
(CH Crystal Winds Love Child x CH Shawnkara's Crystal Winds)
OFA Hips:  Fair  OFA Elbows:  Normal   Eyes:  Cleared yearly
full dentition scissors bite
CEA/CH Normal/no-copies   PRA/PRCD  Normal no copies  Pelger Huet:  Negative
MDR1:  Mutant/ Normal   HSF4:  Normal- no copies
Sam is Standing to approved bitches  -  frozen available
Sam Adams
Sam Offspring
Deceased but frozen semen
Jakob Offspring
CHBriarbrooks Dakotah Blizzard
I have several breedings of Frozen semen available to
approved bitches
Blitz was OFA Good Elbows Normal Eyes Cleared, and
discovered he was a CEA Carrier
Jakob ~ Crystal Winds Bring It!! DNA-VP ( Ch Crystal Winds Ready Aim Fire x
CH Crystal Winds All Eyes On Me!)
OFA Hips:  Excellent  OFA Elbows:  Normal OFA Eyes:  Cleared yearly
CEA/CH: Normal/ no copies , Pelger Huet:  Negative  PRA/Prcd: Normal
HSF4 : Normal/no copies  MDR1:  Mutant/Normal CMR1:  Normal
Full dentition/ level bite
AKC/ASCA CH Crystal Winds Fair Shake RI
(Crystal Winds Bring It!! x
Ch Crystal Winds Bootie Shake)
OFA Hips:  GOOD  OFA Elbows:  NORMAL
Eyes: Clear   MDR1: M/M   CEA:  
M/N  CMR1: Normal
PRA/PRcd: Normal   HC:  Normal  Dentition:  Full-
scissors bite
Red Factored & NBT factored
At stud to approved bitches
Crystal Winds Mr. Right!! AKC- PT, HSAs,d,
BN, RM ( Crystal Winds Bring It!! x CH Crystal
Winds Bootie Shake)
17 points 1 major AKC
OFA Hips : Excellent OFA Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Clear  MDR1: N/N CEA:
HC: Clear

full dentition/ level bite
At stud to approved bitches

AKC CH CEDAR HILL SMOKIN HOT  (Ch Cedar Hill Thorn In Your Side x
Ch Cedar Hill Haute  On Your Trail RN) All majors in ASCA
OFA Hips:  GOOD   Elbows : Normal  EYES; Clear
Scissors bite
CEA : Clear, MDR1: M/N  HC: Clear
Red Factored
Available at stud to approved bitches
AKC CH/ RBIS/BOSS/CKC Gr.CH ASCA CH Crystal Winds Why Not? ( CH
Crystal Winds Kiss This!  ~ Sam Adams X Crystal Winds Watch Me Too!  ~
Deja - Resides in Canada with Co -Owner Donna Bernier

OFA Hips: GOOD  OFA Elbows:  Normal Eyes: Clear
MDR1: N/N    HSF4: N/N CEA:  Carrier
Full Denttion/ Scissors bite
Red Factored
At Stud to Approved Bitches
Residing in Canada