News and Brags 2017
Dec 31/Jan. 1 AKC herding trial in GA - Glitter finished her
HSAs title on Saturday and got her 1st leg on Ducks on Sunday
- 1st 2 legs of sheep title trained and trialed by James Bergert.
These legs trained and trialed by Stacey Hayes
Jan 6,7,8 AHBA herding trial in AZ Hugh- 87/90 Sheep- 2nd
place, 77/90 geese fri, 71  Q and new titlesheep 80/90 for Q and
new title Geese and bonus legs and class placements Sunday
as well trained and trialed by Megan Sims Kennedy
Jan 19 Groovy~ Crystal Winds Miss Right Now! RWB shown by
Stacey Hayes under Mr.Neilson
Jan 20-22 AKC herding trial in AZ Hugh~Fri-Sheep 89 Q- 3rd
place, Geese 82.5 5th place,Sat 72 Q Geese, Sheep 85.5 Q, And
the final Q's on Sunday( i forgot to write down scores and
placements)  for 2 new titles HSAs and HSAd trained and trialed
by Megan Sims Kennedy
Jan 27 Groovy WB under Richard Lewis shown by Stacey Hayes
Jan 28-29  Hugh ASC of AZ Rally and Obedience. 2 Rally trials Sat
2 Q's and 2 BN trials Sunday 2 Q's trained and trialed by Shawna
Feb 3 ASCA Open Ducks/geese 94 and 3rd place Saturday 90 and
4th place
Feb 7 Glitter's puppies sired by Malcolm were born
Feb 17 ASCA Open Geese- insurance legs- Hugh course F
116/125 3rd place Fri and 109 2nd place on Saturday
Guaranteed new OTDd title.  Trained and trialed by Megan
Sims Kennedy
Feb 22 2 AKC shows in 1 day- Groovy- 1st show RWB under
Dera Gschwender 2nd show WB under Rick Gschwender
handled by Stacey Hayes
Feb 25 Hugh Q in Rally Advanced with Shawna Davis
Feb 26 Hugh Finished his BN title with Shawna Davis
Mar. 11-12  Groovy - WB under Wendy Paquette
WB under Gopi Krishnan  Handled by Stacey Hayes
Mar. 17  Groovy RWB under John Wade
18th show 1 WB/BOW under Sulie Greedale Paveza
2nd show