Glitter~ AKC CH Crystal Winds All Glitz! STDsd
(Jakob  X Danica)  she is 1/2 way to grand
championship in a couple casual shows . In herding
training- talented and will trial in 2016
Addy- Crystal Winds All Attitude!
(Jakob x Danica) at 1 yr
Jakob is proving to be a great producer of outstanding structure, performance ability
and temperament. He did not finish his championship due to a level bite - many large
competition major reserves but those majors eluded, due to it.  He has not produced it
and he does not need a CH to prove his value in our program and others.  These are the
characteristics Jakob is strong at producing- temperament!!!, fabulous rears and fronts,
and very smart, great performance dogs and easy to put in most any home. He has
offspring that are champions, therapy dogs, agility dogs, obedience dogs and herding
dogs.  Though the majority are quite young- the few in homes that will compete will have
promising futures.  Jakob was 21" 57-59 lbs of solid dog with a 10 + front and rear and
big effortless sidegait.  He was a silly happy dog that loves everyone.  We lost him too
to what we have been assured is not a genetic issue. Necropsy confirmed his body
attacked his brain causing lesions.
Fritz That's It  NA~  Fritz ( out of Riley) at under 18 months Has earned his
NA with 1st placements and has 2 legs towards his NAJ- He and his
siblings will e ones to watch when their Breeder /owner handler has
recovered from knee replacement
Terra-Blue There's Always Tomorrow
(Jakob x Laya)
Groovy ~ Crystal Winds Miss Right Now! ( Jakob x London)
at just under 4 months Groovy is showing lots of promise
Hugh ~ Crystal Winds Mr. Right! PT, STDsd,
RN(Jakob x London)
Terra-Blue Something Wicked!!  ~ Lexi
(Jakob x Laya)  
Lexi is training in multiple venues and is beginning her
conformation career
Terra-Blue Bring the Heat JS-N~ Allie
(Jakob x Laya)
Allie Has her Jumpers novice title in
ASCA and 1st places to boot in first
outing.  She has taken a break from
training and trialling to have a litter and
will head back into agility
Kuma~ Crystal Winds Fair Shake ( Jakob x
London) Pointed AKC
Angel~ ( Jakob x Fendi) Therapy
Mika~ Crystal Winds Girl Next Door-
(Jakob x Fendi)